Secret seduction video already banned in 3 states

So if the thought of hooking up with random, big booty girls on demand is offensive to you, then please exit out of this post immediately (I’m not trying to piss anybody off).

As someone that visits my blog, I assume that you love shapely women the same way that I do.  So it would be only fair and respectable that I put you on to a dating technique that I recently found that has greatly improved my ability to get the ass from damn near every girl I have tried it on.

I’ve never too good with the ladies.  Like I would get some strange every now and then, but I always was the guy that talked himself out of getting new pussy.  These techniques helped me develop a foolproof game plan when approaching women, and now…I literally am having the most sex I’ve had in my life.

This is some powerful physiological shit here, and I want to share it with you before it becomes completely banned in the United States.

Here is some footage I took of some of the girls I met using the techniques from the video.  I was at the grocery story, getting ingredients to make some gumbo (yea I like to cook too) and I look up and see this girl with the FAT ass on the same aisle as me.  I quickly approached her and felt prepared and confident in my game.  I get her number, and we text for the rest of the day.  The very next day, I invite her over for some of my gumbo, and the rest is history.  The ass was super crazy fat...maybe top 3 fattest I've ever had.  It literally took me less than 24 hours to smash this girl!

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And another one...I met at the gym.  Now I use to be the type of guy that would go to the gym and watch the girls with the fat asses walk on the tread mill, and be happy just being a creep catching an eye full of ass.  But shit is different now.  I saw this girl doing air squats and the booty was poking like crazy. I stepped to her, and we got together for drinks later that night. I invited her to come over after drinks, and she gladly accepted. She was a pure freak, and the booty was as soft as a bag of cotton balls!

%big booty %thick girls

I have more footage, that I may post a little later.  Just know that this shit works!

%big booty %thick girls %big booty %thick girls %big booty %thick girls

To watch the seduction video, just verify that you are at least 18 years old. I don't want to get in trouble, because this is some powerful stuff that will supercharge your sex game.

YES - I am over 18NO - I am not